As parents, we’ve all experienced how fast our children grow. One moment, we’re lying them down to sleep, swaddled in linen, the next they’re chasing the cat around the house screaming “I LOVE YOU KITTY” as the cat runs away in terror. It seems like not too long after that, they’re starting, then finishing school, and before you know it, they’re striking out on their own.

Though we often lament that we wish we could keep them little forever, nothing we can do will slow down time. Photographs allow us to replenish memories that seem to fade far too quickly.

After spending the first 2 years of my son's life working full time and attending evening classes, I understand just how quickly children grow and precisely how valuable memories can be. My passion is preserving these memories so that, no matter how much your child grows, you'll always have vivid memories of their precious first years.