About the Photographer

Greg Brubaker was born and raised in Conestoga, PA. When he was young, he won his first camera as a prize for selling Trails End popcorn to raise money for his Boy Scout pack. He used the Pentax 110 film camera to document everyday life as well as camping trips and other outings including a 212 mile bike trip along the C&O Canal.

In high school, he worked in the fish room at That Fish Place and developed an interest in saltwater aquariums. Having tried to photograph his aquariums with his 110 camera, he found he needed something better. Digital photography was just becoming popular, and digital cameras were very much outside of his means at the time.

He joined the PA Army National Guard in 2003 and spent one of his first paychecks on a Nikon CoolPix 4300. While a point and shoot camera, it featured a manual mode that allowed him to start learning the technical side of photography. He used this camera to photograph his friends, his hobbies, and his trips including a deployment to Camp Taji, Iraq in 2009. During this time, he also worked as Photo Lab Supervisor for a local CVS. Being exposed to thousands of pictures daily, he quickly learned how important family photographs were to his customers.

Fast forward to December of 2013. Greg and his wife, Elizabeth, were expecting their first child in March. While the CoolPix was a fine point and shoot camera, it was reaching the end of it's life and could not meet the demands of photography in the delivery room. He asked for (and received) a Nikon DSLR along with a 35mm f/1.8 lens for Christmas and made it his goal to gain proficiency before the birth of his son.

Since then, Greg has become an avid photographer, capturing photographs of birthdays, play-dates, trips, and everyday life.

Greg graduated with a degree in Electrical Engineering from Penn State University in 2016. When not working his day job or photographing clients, Greg enjoys spending time with his family, advancing his photography skills, and maintaining his home.

Greg and his #1 studio model, Niko.

Greg and his #1 studio model, Niko.